Welcome to the Kingfisher house

About Us

 I guess this is the part where we tell you  who we are and how the we got our start. The Kingfisher House is owned and operated by Tom and Rene' O'Connor and our family. We have designed and built our cabins and business with the help from our friends. In the spring of 2000 the first cabin was done, this protect had primarily been "A FIX " for Me as I'm a hopeless cabin buildaholic.One June afternoon the thing was done and we found our selves standing around admiring it,scratching or heads and kicking at the gravel in the drive way , now I should tell you that Rene' and I were enjoying this, and planing on keeping it up for a little while, as it felt good to have the place done, ( while I had started and built many cabins over the years this was the first time, with the help of my long time buddy Phil,  I had truly ever finished one) , not to mention Rene',and I like to ponder any life changing decisions awhile. "One should never be to hasty" you know the type . Part Festus- off Gun smoke part - Jerry Seinfeld's buddy George, with some Edith Bunker thrown in like a little whipped cream on top. We hadn't Been grinnin and kickin' long though when through the woods comes our ( very charming) friend, and neighbor / B&B owner,and local celebrity radio talk show host, Loise!! Now Loise is buzzing around ooing and awing and making us feel super good about our accomplishments. "Then now as to what to do with it?" she said. I have this client who needs a place for six weeks or so this summer and I don't have any place for him. We could put him in here what do you think? We said OK? She handed us a list of things we would need to buy, said she'd be back the next day, and disappeared back into the woods. We bought beds, beading, dishes, coffee and everything else on the list, then ran and got a futon mattress as Loise had called and said she had a spare frame we could have. We were still scrambling with the details around mid day the next day when she came by for the inspection. Loise said it looked great!  We had a few ?????????????????????s   she said not to worry she'd take care of every thing and that we could just go fishing which is what we really do, as were life long commercial salmon fisherman. She also asked us what we'd like to call it?  I  had seen a belted king fisher in the area earlier that week, and as I only get a glimpse of them a few times a year I always take note.  I thought the birds were cool, and also thought maybe we would attract a few king fisherman to our place, so the name seemed to fit. Rene agreed, and so did Loise so we handed her the keys and headed off to fish camp. When we came back a month or so later we were in the Lodging business. She handed us a reservation book partly filled with bookings and said here you go. In 2002 We built another cabin with the help of  friends, Phil and Don, and we call this one the Green House, as its green on the outside.We still get to go to our fish camp thanks to friends like Denise who have been watching over the cabins for us during the salmon season. When we aren't at fish camp Rene' and Megan have been taking care of most of the day to day operations so they would probably be the ones you'd bump into if you stay with us. Most of our business comes through word of mouth so if you stay with us and enjoy your stay please tell your friends about us.                  Thanks from our staff and Family

~Tom, Rene', Taryn, Megan, and Cody